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A Container For My Joy.

Put THAT In Your Juicebox And Suck It!

27 August
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Eeeek! Well this sure as hell needed an update - AND OMGWTF JUST IN TIME FOR 2006 =D My name is Hailz *GASP!* Hailz the Newlands Roaming, Cobknobbling Filthy Trollop who loves you. Loves you with the fire of a thousand suns. I love livejournal because it helps me keep in touch with my friends - my favourite people in the whole wide world <3. This will be nessecary for 2006 when I have to step into the big bad world of University *twitch* I’m a bit of a geek, I love my reading, gaming and occasionally anime watching. My Xbox and my PS2 are my babies. My spesh subjects are Japanese & Accounting. Japanese is more of a hobby, but Accy is my prisonbitch and I want to use it careerwise.

Hailz On French Mufti Day

Anyways - I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I love people and I would like to know you. And laugh with you. And pet bunnies. UVU-UVU FOR LIIIIIIFE!
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